The Mandela Effect - original website

This was the original Mandela Effect website.

Currently, the original site is offline. Here's why...

For the past couple of years, this website has been crashing regularly due to heavy traffic... and the occasional DDoS. Sometimes, it's crashed as many as 7,000 times a day. (I’m not kidding, though I wish I was.)

My hosting services (three in the past year and a half) have been very patient as their servers were overloaded.

I’ve explored other hosting options, but all were expensive (and I chose not to commercialize this site to cover those bills). Worse, no one could guarantee that the site wouldn’t crash, even with high monthly hosting bills.

Friends close to me – especially those at Facebook – know that I’ve thought about this for many months.

The site isn't gone, permanently. In fact, I’m taking steps to be sure this site’s content will remain available, and free, as much as possible.

Most of the site is at the Wayback Machine (click here for one saved copy), but - if you use that often - I hope you'll donate to them.

I'll update this page as other backups of the site are available.

Short term, you can find over 10,000 comments – from the Major Memories pages – at Amazon. That book series starts with Major Memories – Book 1.

I’ve also published the theories offered by readers, including scientists familiar with possible/credible explanations, in The Mandela Effect – Theories and Explanations.

Those books are free to read in Kindle Unlimited. Your public library can probably give you access to them, as well. More books will follow, as time permits.